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When Sickness Slows the Store

I have been dealing with some pretty extreme sickness for the past 2 years and that has really slowed me down and was not able to be out buying fabric and making new clothes much.

I have always been the caregiver of others and now to myself. So this has been a long haul.

I am happy to report that Jesus is in control as always and in the past few weeks something has changed for the better.

In 2019 my dad age 83 and his girlfriend age 82 were in need of care and as always I SET EVERYTHING ASIDE, and went to care for them 24/7. I was already suffering with some severe problems and in December 2019 I finally had to have major surgery. I had to get my dad and his girlfriend into a facility for respite care so I could have my surgery. I went in the hospital in the 5th of December 2019 (celebrated my dads 84th birthday on Dec 1st) and my dad passed away that night. So I had my surgery the next day and had to leave the hospital and fly back to take care of his arrangements. His girlfriend passes the next week in the facility as well.

I was not able to eat for about 70 days and lost at that point about 50 pounds.

I contracted Covid in late May 2020 but only lost my taste and smell and hair! So 2020 goes on and into 2021.

(Side note here: in July 2021 I moved in with my son to care for his children)

Around late October 2021 I had lost over 100 pounds and had some severe issues with pain and constant diarrhea. I finally ended up (after many ER visits) going to Stanford Medical Hospital and after 2+ weeks in hospital, 5 CT Scans and 3 MRI's; they found the root of the issue: they found 3 IPMN (Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm)

In my pancreas and a 5.5cm Liposarcoma mass just below my sternum. So they started me on Creon (pancreatic enzymes from pigs) and Oxycodone for the pain.

I was discharged and recommended to a surgeon. Which I did not go to.

I have been pretty weak and very frail at 100 pounds from my usual 200+ weight. But still taking care of my grandkids (13 year old with issues) and 9 and 5 year olds and taking full care of the home, cooking, cleaning, yard work etc etc...

We women just do what has to be done don't we!

3 weeks ago in a Sunday Morning service, my Pastor and one of my past Pastors who was there preaching, anointed me and prayed for me. I HAVEN'T BEEN SICK OR IN PAIN SINCE THEN AND MY NEXT BLOOD PANELS AND STOOL TESTS ALL CAME BACK NORMAL! EVEN MY PANCREATIC ENZYMES WERE NORMAL.

I must say I was looking forward to leaving this world to be with the Lord and only HE knows that time but it seems HE is doing something in my body. I even just last week had Covid again but no symptoms, my son and kids all got it and then I did but all are well now.

I will be going in for another CT scan my doctor just ordered to check on the masses. Regardless of what they show, I have already told my doctors that I will not have any treatments of any kind. It's in Jesus' wonderful hands and HE can do whatever HE wants to do.

So FYI, that's why I haven't been active online or having much new activity in making new items but will do as soon as time affords me.

May the LORD continue bless his Church body here on the earth and let us be a blessing to others!!

A Happy NEW Year to all!

Just remember; "In the End WE WIN!"

Sis Cleona...UCOI

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Aww my heart goes out to you...has been goin thru alots in my body but just like u Trusting Jesus,.I had fibromyalgia so major for yrssince 1990...couldn't work, barely anything ..then 2 back surgeries, heart oblation...and very seriously Chronic i.b.s painful condition...Apostolic Pentecostal evangelist was preaching revival I was so sick I ask God to let me go that night..I all a suddenly felt better went he was preaching on healing..I went to the altar and prayed a God spoke to me at the altar to go my way believing..I said I am heal and went on believing. I was totally healed of back problems, fibromyalgia..No meds since that night Nov 2019...But I still has the chronic i.b.s I stil…


Jan 21, 2022

Bless you sister. The Lord has really shown you favor through your struggles. Thank you for this update and Jesus be with you and continue to heal you. Your clothes are beautiful and I will always wear mine with the utmost joy, and always get compliments. Thank you so much for your labor of love .


Rosalinda Monroy
Rosalinda Monroy
Jan 21, 2022

Hi my sister so sorry yes these last year has been a rough one will be praying for you sister also I do want to say I do have a cell nutrition business that helps with so disease weight ect.. please call me when you can (209) 534-8220 file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/61/01/80FAA55D-5A21-4CBF-BDAB-1D0F37C4CF32/

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