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                                   SHIPPING INFORMATION:
Shipping is calculated on the purchase total and due to super sale prices, it is necessary to over estimate the shipping cost.  YOU WILL BE ISSUED A REFUND FOR THE SHIPPING COST DIFFERENCE ONCE YOUR ORDER IS PACKAGED, and please call or text me if you have any questions! 805-550-0674




The shipping costs are set high due to the sale prices in order to cover the actual cost, you will receive a refund once your order is packaged and shipped for the difference of the actual cost and what you were charged!


So feel free to order and know

you will not pay for more than the cost of the actual shipping.

Searching:  When you enter something into the search bar and you see the drop down, just click on SHOW ALL and then click on the ALL tab. 

Thank you so much for your clothes. Love my recent order per usual! My closet is 80% your dresses tops and skirts and im hoping soon to make that 100%. I never find more comfortable, beautiful and modest clothes anywhere. Most Apostolic shops only cater to skinny minis ( not being rude lol) that does not imply to me. But everytime I put on one of your designs I instantly feel beautiful and modest and best of all comfortable. Thank you so much for what you have created for apostolic women. I dont know you but I love you and am so thankful for you! Can't wait till i can order more! 

 God Bless,