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External Forces

January being Human Trafficing Awareness Month, and today being the last day...I wanted to thank everyone that placed orders this month, 25% going to Casa of Hope women's shelter, an Apostolic Ministry! I felt this morning to just post this:

Each of us have been shaped in life by External Forces (things done to us by others that we had nothing to do with) that have created Internal Forces (who we have become and how we react). One of the devils greatest weapons on mankind has been these forces. The External Forces of people who have given themselves over to evil Forces and victimized others through all kinds of evil acts that have caused the victimized to feel dirty or forsaken or absolutely hopeless etc... 😔 destitute and then to a place of total unbelief in anything good. A place exactly where the enemy of our souls wants us to be.

On June 12, 1991 I was at that place and the devil had me right where he wanted me. I no longer believed there was a God or a Heaven or hell and that if I could just die and stop the pain I was in every day it would all be over. So I took 150 narcotics that night and waited in hope of the pain to be over. After I finally passed into unconsciousness, at some point a Voice spoke to me and said, "this is not the answer!" Of course I was not thinking 🙄 of God because I no longer believed but with those words came a very clear AWARENESS that I better not die, and a force that brought me back to consciousness... I got to my oldest son who was 16 at the time and he got me to the hospital (even though external forces tried to stop him). The Doctors did not believe that I would survive the overdose. But God had other plans. I can declare by first hand knowledge that there is a God in Heaven that loves every one of us and HE plucked my feet out of the pit of hell I was headed into that night and revealed Himself to me, loved me and allowed me to receive forgiveness of my sins through Baptism in the name of Jesus and He filled me with His Spirit on November 3, 1991.

Jesus loves us and can and will deliver us from the external forces that have shaped us into hopelessness, He can turn it all around to where we have hope and peace and life and we can help others out of the pit of hopelessness as well!! Love is the answer, God IS Love ❤ we need Him!!!

We need to understand that we are not to blame for External forces that have been inflicted upon us by others. We are not to be shaped or ashamed by them. Of course it's our brokenness that causes us to feel ashamed and hopeless when we have become victims of the actions against us but it is not our doing! We must overcome this and really the only way is through the Love of God! God can set us free from all of that and use that evil for good!

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Thank you for your precious testimony! God loves us when we don’t even know how to love ourselves! I am so thankful for your modest clothing! You are a blessing! Sis Debbie Murphy


Ellen Torres
Ellen Torres
Jan 31, 2022

Beautiful! Thank you for opening yourself to all! As long as I’ve known you, you’ve been a giver. Thank you for supporting Casa of Hope, Inc. I love you Sister Cleona! Thank you with all my heart! ❤️

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